Kickstarter Update: 3 Hours Remaining

175% funded, $78,879, 788 backers.

We are only like $1,100 from our last stretch goal, which is another adventure to be added for free to everybody’s supplamental PDFs. Can we do it?  I think we can, simply because you guys are just that badass. :D

4 Responses

  1. Kindest Regards, Steve Kirkham, Manager Kirkham Motorsports

    (801) 377-8224

  2. OKOKOK! I went from 60 to 80! Happy?

  3. With an hour to go, I bumped from $25 to $60. Had you not posted, I’d have missed the deadline. Thanks for helping me to give you money.

  4. I just have to say that even though I got to this party way way to late to join in cause I just read my first MHI novel last month – this is freaking awesome!

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