MHL nominated for best horror on Good Reads

Check it out.   Anybody that is registered on Good Reads can vote. I’m up against some pretty awesome competitors on there too, like Jonathan Mayberry, Scott Sigler, Mira Grant, Joe Freaking Lansdale!, and Dean Koontz.

This is for the best of 2012, so go forth and vote!  And yes, I’m a fan of those listed. Lansdale is brilliant, though I haven’t read this one. Mayberry is a great writer and most of my fans would probably really like his Joe Ledger books.

Kickstarter Update: Only 60 hours to go

The MHI Employee Handbook and RPG has entered the home stretch.

156% funded, $70,366, 60 hours remaining.

We just broke our $70K strech goal, so we will now be including an additional PDF of MHI adventures. All of the upper tier pledges have been claimed and there is only one of the $250 level left.

If you’ve been procrastinating jumping in, now is the time. We’ve already reached a bunch of stretch goals. The upper tier folks get all of this stuff added on automatically, but these others can be added to your order. We’ve got MHI dice, we’ve got the infamous Luska patch. Everybody gets an additional PDF of 13 bad guys and monsters and an additional PDF of 4 MHI adventures.

Our next goal is at $75k, and that one will lower the cost of any additional books you want to put on your order. And we’ve got more stuff planned after that.

So we’re down to the very end and you guys have made this project a huge success. Please tell your friends and spread the word. Thanks.


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