A independant bookstore in need of help

From My Shelf bookstore is a small indy shop in Pennsylvania. They’ve been fans of mine since I originally started. They are the only bookstore in their area, and they are in danger of getting shut down so the landlord can make room for some other stuff. They are asking for help.


We have been served an eviction notice by our landlord. Although we are not exactly sure yet how we will handle this, it would be extremely helpful to us — personally, and to the bookstore, and our community — if you would write a short note telling our landlord, David Zavetsky, how much the bookstore means to you, your family, your kids, the school, our community, etc. We need to show him how much we’ve been doing here, and what a mistake he’s making. By the way, he has NOT given an eviction notice to Pop’s Culture.

Here is David’s address: David Zavetsky, c/o LYDA Properties, LLC PO Box 246, Wellsboro, PA 16901

Thank you, and bless you for all the support you’ve given us.


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