The greatest song you will ever hear

This was sung by a beluga whale.  No. Seriously. If that doesn’t make you smile then you are broken inside.

MHL #7 at Mysterious Galaxy

Geeky Hobbies, somebody else’s Kickstarter

Okay, I’ve been talking about mine a lot, but Dr. Bindy just posted here and gave me a head’s up on this Kickstarter that is nearly over. This is the company I used for guns and gear when I made my custom MHI action figures.

So check them out.

On a side note, looking at those MHI action figures, I totally need to do another batch of those. Over the last year I took up mini painting, so my painting skills have gotten way, way better. I think when the new GI Joe movie comes out, that means lots of new toys to chop up, which means Custom MHI Action Figures Series 2. :)


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