Planning my next Book Bomb

I will be doing another Amazon Book Bomb on October 29th, just in time for Halloween. :)

And this time I will be promoting SPACE ELDRITCH.

Think Lovecraftian Space Opera.  And since I know a bunch of the authors and I got to alpha read some of the stories, I even wrote the forward. I first heard about this when Howard Tayler asked me to alpha read his short, and it was absolutely awesome, straight up space horror.

For those of you not familar, a Book Bomb is when you get as many people as possible to buy a specific book on the same day in order to boost their sales stats and get them showing up on various best sellers lists, which causes more sales and more exposure. I’ve got a pretty good track record on these. :)

MHI Kickstarter UPDATE: 10 Days to Go

We are 138% funded at $62,123.

We are nearing the home stretch. Only 10 days left. We’ve added patches, dice, an extra PDF of monsters, and very shortly we will be breaking in to the top 10 RPG Kickstarters of all time.

At just over 70K (the #9 spot on the top 10 list) we will be adding a PDF of some extra adventures. At 75K we are dropping the price for additional books. And then at 82K (the #8 spot) we will announce another goal.

So thanks everybody for being so awesome and supporting this project. We are going to turn out one heck of a cool coffee table book of monster face shooting awesomeness. Now with 10 days left, please tell your friends, mention it on your blog, tweet it, facebook it, all of that good stuff. Thanks.


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