MHI Kickstarter Update: The Bubba Patch

121% funded, $54,786 with 16 days to go. So we are almost half way there. Please keep spreading the word and telling your friends. Up next are MHI logo dice.

And now here is our other Kickstarter exclusive patch. This one is for the upper tier pledgers only. To commemorate the awesome founding plank owner nature of this group, what better way than with the original Bubba Shackleford’s Professional Monster Killers team patch?

These will only ever be available through this one Kickstarter.  So up yours! (pledge that is) :)



21 Responses

  1. I’d love to have one of those.. even though I’m in the poor folks tier. Maybe if I keep an eye on ebay one will pop up there….

  2. Damn you Larry… Must resist the urge.

  3. If only i had the money.

  4. No to quibble, but why would Bubba keep packing blackpowder pistols all the way out to 1895?

    • Bubba was poor. When he started out he worked with what he had on hand, which in his case was a Civil War era revolver. However, he had saved up and had a nice 1892 Winchester.

      • I figured Bubba would have had a potato digger mounted on a buckboard. I do believe I’d rather attack a zombie with a silvered pike than rely on an 1860 Colt….

  5. Velcro backed?

  6. Oh boy! There’s my next tattoo. :o)

  7. Larry, just HOW much do we need to pledge to qualify for a patch?

  8. Oh you evil bastard. I might have to find the money now, and I do not even table-top RPG!

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