MHI Kickstarter Update: The Bubba Patch

121% funded, $54,786 with 16 days to go. So we are almost half way there. Please keep spreading the word and telling your friends. Up next are MHI logo dice.

And now here is our other Kickstarter exclusive patch. This one is for the upper tier pledgers only. To commemorate the awesome founding plank owner nature of this group, what better way than with the original Bubba Shackleford’s Professional Monster Killers team patch?

These will only ever be available through this one Kickstarter.  So up yours! (pledge that is) :)



More Podcast stuff with me

I just got this message.

TrekRadio will be airing it this Thursday at noon EST (10 am our time).  KryptonRadio will be playing it this Wednesday at 5pm PST (6 pm our time).

That is for this one here. If you didn’t listen, we had a really good time, talked writing, the MH world, and other fun projects:



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