Book Review, Death Warmed Over

One sucky thing about being a writer is that it absolutely kills your available reading time. It doesn’t help that I’m a workaholic, so whenever I actually stop to read a book I feel guilty because I’m not writing. One of the good things about going on tour is I spend a lot of time on airplanes and trains, so I actually get to read a few things. (I know some authors can write on planes, but I’m 6’5″. I can’t open my laptop and have knees at the same time on an airplane seat).

Kevin J. Anderson gave me a copy of Death Warmed over at Book Expo in New York. He figured a monster story crossed with a hardboiled detective comedy would be right up my alley. I’ve been working on Grimnoir, which is fairly dark to write, so it was nice to read some comedy. I finally got to read it during tour, and I enjoyed it.

Dan Chambeaux, or Shamble as everybody calls him, is a zombie detective in a world filled with vampires, werewolves, ghouls, and every other supernatural thing you can think of, all living in the Big Uneasy. A good detective doesn’t let a little thing like getting murdered slow him down, and I got a kick out of Shamble trying to solve a series of oddball cases, including his own. He’s the kind of zombie you want to root for, and his cases are good, light hearted fun.

It’s a pretty quick read, because he bounces around between a bunch of different cases. It’s campy and can be goofy, and there’s a little bit of adult content, but nothing too bad. I laughed at the goofy bits, but every now and then Kevin likes to remind you that he is really freaking good at this writing stuff, and he’d slip in some poignent bits.  For example, Shamble’s girlfriend is a ghost, and there are some great character bits in there about her.


The Monster Hunter International Employee Handbook and Roleplaying Game is 100% funded!

$45K was our break even, good to launch point. This project is a go. Now for the rest of the month we will be see how many stretch goals we can reach.

International shipping has been unlocked.

Up next we’re adding for free to all backers an extra PDF of 13 more monsters and villians. This is going to be sweet.

Then our next stretch goal will be for MHI logo dice. These are going to be sweet.

And we’ve got a lot more planned after that.

So please, continue to spread the word. Thanks for all of your help and support in making this happen.

MHI Employee Handbook RPG Kickstarter UPDATE

We are now five days in to the Kickstarter for the MHI employee handbook.  We’re 97% funded to our original goal. :)

We should be breaking 45K here pretty quick, and we have added our first stretch goals. We’re adding international shipping options, an additional book of monsters and bad guys, and then after that MHI logo dice!

Sunday Afternoon Painting

These are a unit for my Warmachine army. Mercenary gun mages. (think pistol wizards. They’d probably do really good at IPSC).  I painted the whole unit fairly quickly, but I think they came out pretty well. My crappy iPhone pictures don’t really capture the shading, but the browns on the cloaks came out extremely well.

The captain. (hey, it is a mini-me).






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