MHL #4 Fan Favorite at Audible for September

Sweet. Thanks for the heads up, Scott.

I’ve done really well in audio books because I’ve been blessed with some amazing narrators. Oliver Wyman does the Monster Hunter series and the dude is just a pro. He brings every single character to life. I’ve not even gotten the chance to listen to MHL yet, but it sounds like he hit another one out of the park.

There is only one 1 star review, and it is from a Canadian that says my books are too Pro-America… Uh… Hookay then.

And the fun thing, the only book with more reviews than mine is the Navy SEAL book. And you can’t really compete with one of the guys that shot Osama in the face. Good work.

Kickstarter Update for MHI Employee Handbook DAY 1

So it hasn’t even been up for 24 hours yet, but we are nearly halfway funded to our main goal. You guys are absolutely amazing. We’ve been plowing along at a surprising rate. Never underestimate the Monster Hunter Nation.

As soon as we hit the 45K goal (which it looks like we should be doing much faster than I expected), then we will start adding stretch goals. Those will be additional cool perks for those that have already pledged and also new additional things that you can adjust your pledge it you want to pick up. We’ve got some really cool things planned.

I am so excited. :D


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