Absolutely fascinating read about our media and the 1st Amendment

After catching the highlights of Univision doing more to expose Fast and Furious in a single hour than NBC did in two years, I put out a couple of Tweets:

It is sad that our own media is so pathetic that Univision has to expose more F&F scandals for us. Just doing the jobs Americans won’t do.

To all of my moderate/undecided friends, one advantage of electing a republican is at least the press will do their job and report scandals.

So somebody sent me this link. It was absolutely fascinating reading, from an insider’s PoV.


Need Latin help. Warning, bad words. 🙂

Where can I find the Univision F&F piece?

John VI

Its Probably not so much that its univision doing a job americans wont do, as it is americans doing the job they are Paid TO do…


BC Lewis

Ok I’ll say what everybody is probably thinking. Obama gets a pass from the mainstream media because…..he’s black. If he were white they’d be all over him like a cheap suit Democrat or Republican.

Rob Crawford

Black *AND* Democrat. If he were a white Democrat, it would be a minor scandal. As a black Democrat, the press is all “What? What’s that about those Vin Diesel movies?”


Right. Democrat is the key thing. A Herman Cain doesn’t get away with the same thing a Bill Clinton does. One is black but Republican and the other is white but Democrat.

Wait … I forgot that Bill Clinton was our first black president. Never mind.

Ken Harkin

Here is a left leaning reporter calling out the media for completely selling out their moral duty to impartially torment all politicians. http://www.foxnews.mobi/quickPage.html?page=22995&external=1716104.proteus.fma#quickPage_html_page_22995_content_80835379_pageNum_1

Bear with it as it is a transcript.


they “deserted the ramparts” a long time ago.

richard mcenroe

They didn’t “desert the ramparts.” They turned their guns on the people they were supposed to defend. The MSM is America’s domestic “green on blue violence.”

If 60% of Americans don’t believe the press and the press says that Obama’s our guy, why don’t the polls (especially the ones that don’t look falsified) show a similar number against Obama? I think a more frightening figure would be how many Americans don’t trust the press but also don’t care that the press is untrustworthy. In my area there are newspapers dying left and right. I live in the captial of my state and the newspaper for our town is shutting down its entire print division and having the printing done by a paper in a town 45… Read more »

One reason the polls don’t reflect people’s opinions, aside from the blatantly stacked polls, is that people are really tired of saying their opinion and being told “but that’s racist/[group]phobic/sexist. Only bad people vote against [name].”

I’d like to see a return to the day when papers (and now other media) stated their leaning in the masthead. “Smalltown Gazette, Democrat Party” or “Smalltown Herald, Bully for the Bullmoose,” made the slant clear and then you could go from there.

Ken Harkin

Same as congressional approval. Overall approval is crap but ask people about their representatives and most approve of them as reelection rates prove.

Overall people distrust the media but they do trust the one they are personally connected to… Then there is the old, if you tell a lie long enough and loud enough rule.

Wall-o-text follows, but it is an important point. When one looks at the sprawling morass of ever-expanding government agencies and powers the question might arise: how did we go from a nation focused upon liberty to one of ever-expanding government regulation? This is a question which has vexed me for years, but I believe there is a simple answer. Freedom of the press is written in to the Bill of Rights but in reality the press is restricted from reporting on government actions and abuses as it should. For decades, government has manipulated the press through a system of rewards… Read more »
Nice theory, but you’re overlooking two obvious data points. Bush 2 and President Obama not doing press conferences for last 6 months or so. If they were being nice/non-critical to gain access it’s not working with this administration. If they were worried about access, explain the almost toxic level of criticism during Bush 2 administration? That’s just the obvious, I’m sure we could find more specific data that doesn’t support the “nice for access” theory. Good try, and maybe it could be part of a larger theory. However, on it’s own, the theory is without merit
Garland Noel

As a high school reporter, I’m absolutely disgusted that our American press are a bunch of biased hacks. It almost makes me want to quit.