It is on!

I’m super excited. Here is the Kickstarter link for the Monster Hunter International Employee Handbook and Roleplaying Game.

Please, tell your friends. We need to raise $45,000 this month. I will be posting constant updates here. Once we hit that goal, then we can start putting up stretch goals where we add more new cool stuff for you guys. We have got some great ideas, and the more we raise, the cooler we can make this thing.

The Employee Handbook is going to be a big, fat, fully illustrated, full color, hard cover coffee table book of the MHI universe, plus a full set of rules and stats so you can play the MHI RPG.  I’m teamed up with Hero Games for this, and they’ve been awesome to work with. Steve Long is writing the crunch and I am writing the fluff.  There will be MHI history, PUFF tables, helpful hints and tricks from MHI staff, write ups about various monsters, and much much more. Plus lots of pictures. :)

If you’ve got any crunch questions, Steve Long is the best person to talk to and the best place to ask them is on the MHI board that was set up on the Hero Game’s page.

Please, tell your friends. The key to a good Kickstarter is word of mouth, and I am super excited for this project.

Absolutely fascinating read about our media and the 1st Amendment

After catching the highlights of Univision doing more to expose Fast and Furious in a single hour than NBC did in two years, I put out a couple of Tweets:

It is sad that our own media is so pathetic that Univision has to expose more F&F scandals for us. Just doing the jobs Americans won’t do.

To all of my moderate/undecided friends, one advantage of electing a republican is at least the press will do their job and report scandals.

So somebody sent me this link. It was absolutely fascinating reading, from an insider’s PoV.


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