Mega Book Tour 2012 has ended. Fun with Photos Time!

The tour is over. I am happy to be home. I had a great time, and met tons of awesome people. Here are some pictures from my trip.  (EDIT:  I posted a ton more pictures here, but for some reason the vast majority aren’t showing up on WordPress.  Go over to my Facebook page to see a bunch more:!/larry.correia/photos )









A friend of mine wrote the screenplay for this movie
Imaginary Democrats for Obama
Howard Tayler (@howardtayler)

Larry, you are the largest person in every single one of those photographs. EVERY ONE.

Joe Allen

Your fans look like they’d be more fun to hang out with than Stephanie Meyers’ fans…


Who’s winning? WE’RE ALL WINNING!


Wished you could have been back at Dragoncon this year, but it’s cool. As soon as I got home, my copy of MHL was waiting for me. I’ve gotta thank you once again for writing such an awesome book. It was a one session read through, I could not put it down and can’t wait for your next book.

Katrina W
That Herndon signing was seriously the BEST signing ever. I imagine it will best even any of your future signings, at least from my point of view. I came out of that with not one, but TWO shooting buddies. And you got a pen. 🙂 Definitely a win-win. Oh, and btw, in case you missed it, you should look for Monster Hunter Legion in House of Cards, either episode 10 or 11 in season one. 😀 (Of course it doesn’t have the dust jacket on, so it will be harder to see, but it’ll be the only book walking. )

Great pictures! I’m always amazed at how tall you are – I’m 5′, the world is full of giants to me. 🙂

reformed yankee

What’s the hold up with MHL coming out on Amazon? I had my copy pre-ordered and they pushed back delivery on it until today or tomorrow. I need my MH fix!!!

Ray McCune


Mike S

I’m glad to see you packed more than one shirt!

Way to go; that’s a heck of a book tour. If you’re ever up in Logan, we can meet in the deserted parking lot of the abandoned Borders and get my book signed.

Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

That was an amazing time!

Next time you swing around NOVA Armament, I’ll finally own a firearm, and I’m gonna have a permanent marker on me.

Jeff LaSala

Well I sure had a blast hanging out with you, Larry. Looks like the rest of the tour went pretty smooth. But I’m sure you’ve got some new war stories to tell…


What I want to see is the Tactical Cookie Monster statue you mentioned.

Great seeing you again at Uncle Hugo’s.


The IT department at Where I work ($large bank in Baltimore) Couldn’t get permission to go on a field trip. And there was no way to get down to your signing at Bethesda.

You ever pass through the East Coast Mid Atlantic Drop a line out


Larry, glad to see you survived your East Coast jaunt. Had an excellent time visiting, and we both got a chance to meet some great people. Went shooting with MSGtB the following week, raising over $1000 for Wounded Warriors.
You’d have loved it!
And there’s something to say about pummeling someone with a stuffed moose head…