Planet Baen, the Game.

Want to play video games and win free books?

My publisher has created a game you can play online. As you play you win free ebooks. I just found out that October is Correia month. :)

So there is going to be a bunch of MHI and Grimnoir themed stuff on Planet Baen in October. Check it out. Win free books. Have fun.

A friend of mine wrote the screenplay for this movie

Just came out on DVD.  Michael Brent Collings wrote the screenplay for this.

Mega Book Tour 2012 has ended. Fun with Photos Time!

The tour is over. I am happy to be home. I had a great time, and met tons of awesome people. Here are some pictures from my trip.  (EDIT:  I posted a ton more pictures here, but for some reason the vast majority aren’t showing up on WordPress.  Go over to my Facebook page to see a bunch more:!/larry.correia/photos )









Imaginary Democrats for Obama

For those of you that are looking at the polls and getting worried, don’t.

They want you to despair, because all Barack needs to squeek out of the margin of error is the greatest turn out of democrats in any election in history.


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