Book Tour schedule update

Okay, I’m in DC right now. I’ll be signign at the Ft. Belvoir main store on base from 12-2 today. You will need to be with someone with the ID to get on base to get on base.

Keith Glass was arranging an early diner for after Belvoir today, but I’m not going to be able to go. Sorry to anyone that was planning on going to that.

Sunday I am heading to NOVA Armament in Herndon. This is a gun shop. I’ll be dropping by from 10-11.

Then I will be signing at the main store at Ft. Meade from 1-3. Same deal as Belvoir, you will need to be with someone who can get on base.

Tuesday I will be signing at Uncle Hugos at 5. If you want some personalized books from me, now is your chance. Call Uncle Hugos and place an order, and I can personalize whatever you want while I am there and they will ship them to you.  Their info is here:


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