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I’m on tour, so don’t really have time to blog about it, but man, Recoil Magazine is friggin’ stupid. I had never even heard of Recoil until I saw a copy in a B&N this week. My first thought was that it was Maxim with guns. Turns out that it is, which would still probably do pretty good, except then they had to go and zumbo themselves into oblivion.

They basically just gave their entire target audience the finger, and then apologized by saying that they were sorry we were offended they gave us the finger, but here it is again. They were reviewing the HK MP7, which is so uber tactical with teutonic awesomness that there is no way a mere civillian could ever own even a civillian version, because it is just that deadly.

Basically, if you are writing for a gun magazine, you shouldn’t talk about how a pansy submachine gun firing anemic sub .22 caliber projectile is just too deadly to be let into civillian hands, you are an idiot, and you should go back to writing critiques of Jersey Shore.

And then if you are the editor, you shouldn’t excuse this by trying to justify the idiotic sporting purposes clause as being somehow legitimate. The sporting purpose clause is universally hated by every gun person in America with a clue. The editor basically went onto Facebook, covered himself in stupid, and then committed ritual seppuku in front of all his potential customers. Because hey, you’ve got to keep those uber deadly teutonic .22 Hornet equivelents off the streets.

If I was one of Recoil’s investors, I would be pissed off, and I’d really want to know what dumbass made the decision to hire people who knew absolutely nothing about a particular culture to edit a magazine about that culture. That is sort of like hiring Michael Vick to be editor of Dog Fancy.

The idiots that came along and tried to defend Recoil (apparently they really like articles about Hair Products for Real Operators) on first amendment grounds demonstrate that they don’t understand the 1st or 2nd amendment, and if those readers are actually gun owners, they are the reason some states still have really crappy gun laws.

How bad did Recoil screw themselves? Well, knowing gun people and especially knowing gun people on the internet, and considering the razor thin margins in magazine publishing, I’d say Recoil is toast.


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