I'm on tour

It has been a very busy few days. I’ve had signings in Utah, Albany, Boston, New York, and New York again today.

I’ll be at the B&N in Carle Place NY at 2PM-4PM today.

Tomorrow I’m doing business stuff in Manhattan.

Tuesday I’m signing at the B&N in Willow Grove, PA at 7PM.

Wednesday I’m at the Book Trader of Hamilton in Mercerville NJ at 7PM.

Thursday I’m at the Ellicott City MD B&N at 7PM

Friday I’m at the Bethesda MD B&N at 7PM

Saturday I’m at the Ft. Belvoir PX from 12-2PM and then we’re having dinner that night at Harry’s Smokehouse in Arlington.

Sunday I’m at the Ft. Meade PX from 1=3PM. And at some point during the day I’m swinging by NOVA Armament in Herndon. I’ll post when I know when. (I’m being driven around so I’m not sure yet)

Tuesday the 18th I’m at Uncle Hugos in Mineapolis at 5PM.

Plug for the dude who has guided me around New York
Monster Hunter Legion audiobook is out too!

Thanks again for your stop in the Boston area, it was great to meet you. Thanks for taking the time out to meet with your fans. Enjoy the rest of the tour!


Are you still planning on hitting Denver? Earlier you had said something about a booksellers convention in late September…


I guess you won’t be making it to Paris or Prague this week? Hey, did you get a copy of the Czech version of MHI/MHV/MHA yet?

Ken Harkin

Thanks for the stop in Hicksville. Hopefully if you come back to research Tesla’s workshop in Shoreham, NY you can hit the physical location for http://www.thewarstore.com just south of there.

Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

I am so definitely at the dinner. Now trying to get onto Belvoir. And maybe again at NOVA.

Ray McCune

I hope you have a great time, Larry! Keep it up! You are doing great!


You DO realize that you have a following in the South??? heh, heh, heh…


When you pass through Baltimore, Shout out.
Especially if you are going to be around the Harbor.

Keith Glass

Those of you coming to the dinner in Arlington on Saturday:

1. RSVP me at salgak@speakeasy.net: we need a headcount !!

2. Harry’s Smokehouse is on the Metro/Food Court level of the Pentagon City Mall. If you’re coming by Metrorail, it’s just after you enter the mall from the Metro Station. If you drive in, Bottom floor near the elevators/escalator.

3. I work that day (and it’s Graveyard shift. . .) , so the plan is for everybody to congregate at 3PM. . .

Jusuchin (Military Otaku)

I might be dragging along a poor Specialist if that happens, would that be alright? He’s somewhat my ticket into Belvoir, he needs a ride to the P/X. If that’s alright, I’ll send RSVP soonish. Or after nap.

Nickolas Sharps

Hey Larry has the Towson stop been axed?

Chris Garrett
Larry, This is a genuine question, not an indictment Your best selling novel franchise is set in the South. The majority of you’r main characters are Southerners. A LARGE portion of the gun culture and Conservatives in America ire rooted in the South. I.e. a significant segment if your target audience Why is it that most of your tours take place in Yankee territory? Is this something you can talk to your publisher about rectifying? We would Love to see you to.I We are beginning to feel a little left out down here. Sorry the grammar and spelling my phone… Read more »
Gregory Morris

Woo! I am in Princeton this week. See you Wednesday!


I foresee a VERY late arrival for me in Richmond, Friday evening. On the flip side, I have a 15-min drive from my hotel, to where I need to be at 8AM Saturday…

Joe Barrett

Any updates on NOVA Armament? Unfortunately I’m going out of town in about an hour and won’t get back until late tonight. Not sure yet if I’ll be able to do the drive up to Meade tomorrow, but fingers crossed.