I need a big favor

As most of you already know, Monster Hunter Legion is out this week. However, most of the rest of the world doesn’t know. :)

So could I get you guys to tell your friends? Facebook, Twitter, your blog, anyplace on Teh Internets that won’t ban you for being a spammer, overpass graffitti (Monster Hunter Nation does not condone acts of vandalism–if you get caught), word of mouth, be *that* guy at family gatherings, build sand sculptures of Owen Pitt, tell your gun dealer, tell your taxi driver, tell your denist, tell your pets, hide yo childrens-hide yo wife, that Monster Hunter Legion is out this week.

On a serious note, the first week of sales is really what determines if you get on the bestseller lists, and if you get on, how high you are going to place. This is my first Monster Hunter in hard cover, which is a whole different list.

I’ve posted before about how the bestseller thing is calculated. Basically it comes down to velocity of sales. http://larrycorreia.wordpress.com/2011/06/30/i-need-a-favor-from-the-monster-hunter-nation/  You should read this post if you haven’t, because it breaks down how the publishing industry works, and it is also filled with flattery about how awesome you guys are. :)

The last two MH books have been on the bestseller lists for one reason, and it sure isn’t because of anything I did. It is because you guys, the Monster Hunter Nation, are incredible bad asses who take pride of ownership in the MH world. So let’s kick some ass.

Geeky Hobbys, Sunday Afternoon Painting

Me and the kids spent the afternoon after church painting minis. I’m working on my Warmachine Mercenary army. This is my first attempt at a Warjack. (which in the game terms means big awesome steampunk robot).  I tried for a little bit of a rust effect in a few spots and some grime.

And here he is with the guy I painted last time, Damiano.

I’ve got an entire army to paint with this theme.


Pre basing:

How the heck did my iPhone actually manage to take a better detail picture than my wife’s Canon did while using a lightbox? Man, I suck at photography. :p


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