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  1. Already downloaded and planning on reading tonight.

  2. Damn, my preorder won’t get here till the 8th…

  3. I am holding out for the audio book. :)

  4. Any major changes to note from the eARC?

  5. Um… I purchased the eARC of Monster Hunter Legion from Baen in May of this year. Didn’t they tell you?

  6. Review to be posted by EBR on Monday >:)

  7. Damn you! I just started the first day of school today. But I can’t not read your books. This is going to be a rough first week of school.

  8. Baen already had the ebook up for purchase last week. Purchased, downloaded, next in the queue to read.

    See you in Burlington on 6 September!

  9. I got my MHL e-book from Baen for free by playing the PlanetBaen game until I got credit for a free e-book… back on Aug 21st.

    On Aug 22, I had to struggle through work on 3 hours of sleep.

    Not to worry: my pre-order of the paperback from Amazon is still coming so my library doesn’t have a hole in it.

  10. DL’d Tuesday night and started. I had to put book 3 of Game of Thrones aside but I need a MHI fix.

  11. Just finished it a few minutes ago. I really enjoy spending time with Z and the crew. I get sucked in and can’t get out, kind of like a pocket dimension in my mind except without the nightmares.
    Thanks for writing it. How far along are you on the next one?

    • I’m working on Warbound (3rd Grimnoir) right now. Swords of Exodus (Dead 6 II) is mostly done. Haven’t started Monster Hunter Nemesis.

      • At least there is a title, which means a semi tied together idea. When can we expect you to start torturing us with small spoilers like all writers love to do?

  12. Downloading it! I appreciate Z and crew because they’ve never cocked the hammer back on a glock, or loaded a fresh clip in their handguns.

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