Personalized signed copies of Monster Hunter Legion

I’ve posted this before, but just got asked again. If you want to get personalized autographed copies of my books, you can order them from here:

I’ll be signing at Uncle Hugo’s in mid September, and I can personalize them to you there, then they ship them.

Monster Hunter Legion eBook is available NOW  It looks like you can get the MHL eBook already.

September Book Tour!

Okay, this should be the final. I’m working on putting together a couple of dinners with fans in various places. If you’ve emailed me about that, just send it again, because I get a ton and it is kind of a mess. The person that is taking me around in NYC is putting together one there already.

September 4th, Layton Utah B&N

September 5th, Flights of Fantasy, Albany NY 7pm

September 6th, stock signings at Holyoke B&N, Annie’s Book Shop of Worcester, and Framingham B&N.  Because I’m being driven around by someone, I’m not sure yet which times I’ll be hitting each of those, but I’ll be sure to Tweet/FB when I’m going to each that day.

Signing at the Burlington MA B&N, 7pm

September 7, Stock signings at the Toadstool bookstore in Milford, NH and Pandemonium, Cambridge MA. Same thing, since somebody is driving me, I’ll Tweet/FB the times that day.  It will be before 3 though, because I’m taking the train.

September 8, event at the Hicksville NY library. 2pm

September 9, signing at B&N, Carle Place NY at 2pm

September 10, business stuff.

We will be doing a dinner arond NYC. Details to follow.

September 11, B&N, Willow Grove PA 7pm

September 12, Book Trader in Mercerville NJ, 7pm

September 13, stock signings at B&N in Towson, B&N in Baltimore, B&N in Pikesville. Same thing, being driven, so don’t know exact times.

Signing at the B&N in Ellicott City MD, 7pm

September 14, signing at B&N in Bethesda, MD 7pm

September 15, Signing at Ft. Belvoir. 12-2pm.

The note that I was given was that you should enter from Tulley Gate off of Route 1. You need a valid driver’s license, current registration and insurance for the vehicle.

We will be doing a dinner near Ft. Belvoir too. Details to follow.

September 16, Fort Meade exchange 1-3pm.

The note says Reece RD gate and go the the Welcome Center entrance. They will ask for vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and valid driver’s license. Anyone traveling with the driver will need a driver’s license or official ID with picture…

We’ll be trying to do a dinner somewhere nearby too. Details to follow.

September 17, travel.

September 18, Uncle Hugo’s Minneapolis MN. 5pm.

Then I’m going to Denver for a book seller’s convention. Don’t know if I’ve got signings there yet or not.


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