A Cosmic Christmas, featuring Jake Sullivan

Baen is doing an anthology of Christmas stories. My story Detroit Christmas is going to be in it. And Detroit Christmas is awesome. You know you want it.

Here is the cover.

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  1. Well, link to it on Amazon so I can pre-order it from you.

  2. This isn’t going to make laugh until I pee my pants is it ? ;-)

  3. Excellent. How’s Warbound coming along?

  4. Another for the wish list!

  5. Detroit Christmas is how Every christmas I can remember has felt. except Every year it feels a bit worse.

  6. Larry, I just re-read Detroit Christmas and reminded me of something I always wanted to read in this universe… that being the story of Jake at Second Somme. There are hints throughout the books regarding events pure badassitude, but are you ever going to devote a chapter or two to it? Maybe another short? I’d really enjoy learning more of Jake’s history.

  7. Now there’s another book I’ll have to buy. Thanks.

  8. You’re not putting any of The Christmas Noun stories in it?

    *mock shock and horror*

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