The Pale Horse AR-15 That is the logo of the Pale Horse from Grimnoir. :)

Check it out. Links and pretty pictures of book covers! :D

After futiley pitting my computer illiteracy against WordPress for the last few years, I finally gave up and asked my brother in law the computer programmer to help me out. So now we’ve got cool looking pictures of my book covers as links to Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Think of those links as a tip jar. Whenever you use one of my links to B&N or Amazon, and you buy anything, not just the item it is linked to, I get a percentage of the purchase price for the refferal. Anything that goes through that portal,I get credit for. So if you need a new pair of books, a Nook, or are doing your Christmas shopping online, if you enter those pages through one of my links then I get more money to blow on ammunition and miniatures. :)


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