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I’ve been trying not to write on Sundays. So instead Sunday afternoon has become “craft time” with the kids. They are all painting up their own Warmachine armies too. This is my latest, and he’s looking pretty good. iPhone picture doesn’t really do him justice either. Much nicer in person.

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Utes Byfive (@Utesbyfive)

Do you do non-metallic metals? I never bothered. All my swords and armor were black with dry brushed metallic paint.

Rob Crawford

Have you looked at the Reaper Kickstarter?

Ken Harkin

I’ve got a good sized Khadorir force; all metal but one jack.

Hagen Radcliffe

I’m sure he’s very sweet, in person.


Have you seen the huge disappointment that is War Room? Guh. Between that and the fact that most of the other gamers in my group want to do WH40k with the new edition out, I’m not sure I’ll be spending a lot of time in the Iron Kingdoms until the RPG is out.


I love the minis! Not because I have any clue how they’re used in gaming, but because I love tiny figurines. I’ve been an old lady all my life. And I love that you’re painting with your kids. What a fun project. Kudos to you, dad.

Off topic, I thought you might find this amusing:

It’s mind-boggling. How is Romney not beating this guy by double digits?


Ghoul over at HandCannonOnline has some excellent video and written tips that have helped me. He paints mainly WarMachine and Hordes.

Be warned, though, you can spend an afternoon once you get started.