Vote for Mitt Romney and he will murder your wife with cancer

Watch this video:

Yes. A vote for Mitt Romney is a vote for cancer.

Heart rending, huh? Very emotional. However, there is one teensy tiny factual problem with the ad, as in it is mostly bullshit. And you know it is particularly bad when even CNN is calling shenaigans.

Apparently a “short time” is 5 years.

So dude’s company (which is so inefficient that it is paying him 2x the salary and benefits that he is qualified for since he could only find work as a custodian), gets bought by Bain two years after Romney left Bain’s management to go run the olymics. Dude gets laid off. His wife still has health insurance. A couple years later his wife loses her job. Husband still doesn’t have insurance. Three years after that she gets cancer and dies.

Compare the actual timeline to how the ad portrays it. In the ad, Mitt Romney laid him off, and then they didn’t have health insurance and his wife died. The only references to the timeline are “a short time” and 22 days, which makes it feel urgent and sudden, which accentuates the emotional impact.

That is some shallow manipulative BS right there.

Crimson Pact 4 out

Paul just send me a jpeg of the cover. The gunslinger is from my friend Pat Tracy’s story.


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