Autographed copies of Monster Hunter Legion

So, how good are the preorders for the signed edition of Monster Hunter Legion?  Well, I’ve already did this many once before a few months ago. Apparently those are all presold, so now I need to do this stack. Each one of those is autographed and then bound into the front of the signed edition of the book.

This is how far I made it last night. That was done during the movie Chronicle and the first half of Harry Brown.

Yes. It is a pretty awesome problem to have. :)  Tonight I get to sign the rest.

Signed copies are available from Uncle Hugos

or Amazon

or Barnes and Noble

Forum for questions about the MHI RPG

Because a blog isn’t the best place to ask questions, Steve Long set up a forum over on Hero Games for the MHI role playing game. If you’ve got any questions about anything, you can go ahead and post them over there.


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