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So I can finally say more about the upcoming MHI game.  I’m doing it in conjunction with Hero Games using their Champions system. Steve Long, who has won stacks of awards for this sort of thing, is doing the book. We will be doing a Kickstarter in October.
<<Larry Correia and Hero Games are pleased to announce that they’re  teaming up to produce a fan’s guide to and roleplaying game set in Correia’s “Monster Hunter International” setting, tentatively entitled The Monster Hunter  International Employee’s Handbook And Roleplaying Game.
The MHIEHRPG will be a full-color, hardcover book approximately 300 pages  long. It will be written by award-winning RPG writer/designer Steven S. Long and  will include a full version of Hero Games’s HERO System rules specifically  tailored for playing in the MHI setting. Fans won’t have to buy any other books  to play the game; the MHIEHRPG will have everything they need for hours of  exciting adventure!
“I’ve played roleplaying games for many years, and I’m thrilled to be able  to bring the world of MHI into the roleplaying game arena,” said Correia, the  author of three best-selling MHI novels (his fourth MHI book, Monster Hunter  Legion, debuts in September). “I think the HERO System offers the perfect level  of flexibility and detail for MHI adventures.”
“All of us here at Hero Games are big fans of Larry’s books, and we’re  really looking forward to bringing the world of MHI to roleplaying gamers,” said  Jason Walters, General Manager of Hero. “The book’s going to be a fantastic,  full-color resource about the world of MHI.”
“The MHIEHRPG will have a lot to offer any MHI fan, even if he’s not a  roleplaying gamer,” said Long. “It’s going to include information on how MHI  trains its agents and carries out its missions, how the PUFF bounty system  works, background information on major characters, and much more. If you like  the MHI novels, you’re going to want the Employee’s Handbook.”
Best of all for MHI fans, the MHIEHRPG will include all-new MHI fiction  written by Larry Correia! Each chapter of the book begins with a piece of short  MHI fiction that Correia will write especially for the MHIEHRPG.
Correia and Hero plan to fund the work through a Kickstarter project  scheduled to begin October 1, 2012. “We think Kickstarter is the perfect way to  bring this book to life,” said Walters. “It gives the fans a chance to learn  more about the book, show their support, and earn some great rewards in the  process. We’re still deciding on some of the rewards, but we know the highest  support tiers will include the chance to appear as a character in a future MHI  novel.”
To learn more about Larry Correia and Monster Hunter International, please  visit Correia’s blog at  To learn more about Hero Games and the HERO System, please visit >>

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