Buy Stuff Tab update, I screwed up

I went to fill orders for the last 6 weeks and discovered that my box of original patches that I thought I had was actually a box of Utah patches. I ordered more originals last week, and should have them next week.

And yes. I suck at filling orders. I know. I’m a one man show and I’m in this to write books. I suck at merchandising. I don’t really make any money off of the autographed books and patches, and I mostly do them to make fans happy. However, that means that I’m going to be slow as hell at it. I get about a hundred emails a day so be aware that I’m always running behind, but I do eventually answer everybody.

Romney’s travel guy tells reporters to shove it–abc-news-politics.html

Read the whole link. The first paragraphs (the part that most people actually read) is all mew mew mew, poor reporters… And then read the rest of it, where you can see the reporters were being their normal douchey selves and Romney’s guy told them to kiss his ass.

I don’t know who this Gorka guy is, but promote him. He simply said to them what most Americans would like to say to members of the press.

No time to fisk the whole thing, but the level of bias and snide insinuation is hilarious. But the press totally isn’t biased. Not at all. Michelle Obama was wearing a $6,000 shirt at the olympics so the press oohed and aaahed and Ann Romney wore a $600 shirt and they had a freak out about how out of touch those rich bastards are.


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