UN Treaty on Small Arms wants to take all your guns

EDIT 2: Okay, I just heard from one of my gun industry contacts (i.e. my buddy that makes awesome guns for aliving :) ) that this is still on the table and legit. Here is a brand new news link:


EDIT: D’oh!  I’m a freaking idiot. This was sent to me this morning and I skimmed it. I didn’t realize that it was from June 2011, not June 2012.  I’m leaving this up as evidence of my dumbness.  :)

And before you go thinking that this is all just a bunch of hyperbole, here it is from Forbes:


So for last week’s Concern Troll that was telling us how silly sounded saying that Obama was anti-gun because there was zero evidence… Uh huh…

I’m swamped right now so don’t have time to comment much, but this treaty is bad news, and don’t underestimate the stupidity of our Senate.


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