Planning my book tour

Okay, so I asked about Ft. Belvoir, but I also need to add Ft. Meade to that. I’ll be doing events at the base exchange during the day, but many of you won’t be able to make it, so I’d like to do something in the evenings in that same general area.

So, folks that live close to Ft. Belvoir or Ft. Meade, are there bookstores in that neck of the woods that you think I should contact?

Right now it is looking like:

Sep 4 – Layton UT

Sep 5 – Albany NY

Sep 6 – Burlington, MA

Sep 7 – (waiting for confirmation)

Sep 8 – Hicksville, NY

Sep 9 – Calre Place NY

Sep 10 – personal touristy business. :)

Sep 11 – Willow Grove, PA

Sep 12 – Mercerville, NJ

Sep 13 – Ellicott City, MD

Sep 14- Bethesda, MD

Sep 15 – Ft. Belvoir, VA

Sep 16, Ft.Meade MD

Sep 17 – travel

Sep 18 – Minneapolis, MN


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