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Hey, Mini Painters and War Gamers

As most of you know, I’m a complete geek and sucker for miniatures. Especially Samurai themed ones that I can use for L5R. (as seen in the Friday serial glorified fan fiction from Writer Nerd Game Night).

So I jumped onto this kickstarter (indiegogo, whatever, it works like kickstarter) to fund a bunch of new minis from Bushido. They’ve already hit their funding goal, and now they are just adding more free units.

So I’m spreading the word because $4k more and I get more free stuff. 🙂

BTW, their models are awesome.  I got their Savage Wave, because you can never have enough oni.


And on a totally unrelated spoiler free note, I’m fascinated by things like kickstarter and indiegogo. I’ve had a few creator friends fund some nifty projects with it. (like Howard Tayler’s Schlock Mercenary boardgame). It is a great way to get oddball artistic projects off the ground that you otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to. It has sort of become the standard for the game industry for everyone other than the biggest companies. It gives creators a chance to go right to the fans, fund a project, and give the hardcore fans extra perks. I love it.

Let’s just say that there is a very good chance that you will be seeing a project on there from me sometime in the future. 🙂

EDIT: No. I didn’t buy the $750 package that let you have input on your own mini. No matter how much Jordo Sanderson tried to talk me into it, I behaved myself… (because the lovely Mrs. Correia would murder me) Though an official Makoto miniature would be ten kinds of awesome… Big dude, tetsubo, heavy armor, and Death’s hat. (oh, you haven’t read about Death’s big straw hat yet? Well, that’s why it is a serial fiction) 🙂

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Lin W

Indigogo is one of the ways Courage, New Hampshire (TV show about the lead up to the American Revolution) funds itself. They’re starting on episode 4 now. So glad you’re doing it, too!


four words:

MHI Miniatures game kickstarter.


I would love this. Modern weaponry, small unit skirmish levels, and we have seen hints in the two most recent books that there are several “factions” at work in the world. I would kickstart the hell out of this.


Kickstarter is a lot easier than the route Greg Stafford had to follow years ago.


Why you do this to me!?!

Steve Diamond
Larry talked me into this at work the other day. But what Larry didn’t mention was the value here for your investment. There are a ton of free perks for joining in. For example, should you give $100, you get a crap ton of stuff: The new Ito Faction Starter (5 figures) One starter set from any of the other 4 factions (5-7 figs) Any one extra mini from the extra faction you choose Satoshi Ito Model or 6 faction dice for free Ayako Ito available to buy at launch Itsunagi Ito model for free Exclusive Indiegogo art stat cards… Read more »