Fun with Photos Time

Edit: WordPress is being really weird with photos lately. I had these seperate with captions on each, but that post got eaten. Well, we’ve got guns, guns, and more guns, lots of new MHI tattos and misc MH logos showing up in various places, all from fans.

I always say the same thing to anybody that wants to use my logo for anything. Go for it, as long as: A. it is for personal use and you’re not making money off of my stuff, and B. You send me a picture to put on the blog.

The tattoos are awesome. I’m not a tat guy myself, but more power to you if you are into that. I’ve got to say that as a writer, seeing somebody put your stuff on their body kind of blows my mind. That’s incredibly humbling.

The jersey picture is from Craig Outzen, who will be one of the shooters on 3 Gun Nation next season. According to Craig, I helped introduce him to 3gun competition a long time ago. We competed together a lot, but then I got busy/lazy and fell off, while Craig got better and better, and now he’s one of the top shooters in the country.  Note the happy face on the jersey however. :)

The mini was painted this weekend while listening to the Spellbound audiobook. I’m getting better at this hobby. I call him My Little Oni (he seems like a jolly guy), and I’m sure he’ll be menacing Writer Nerd Game Night soon enough.


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