That’s pretty funny. And it’s something a lot of women have thought. Not the loudest women, but a lot of us.

Every time I see a woman wearing a cleavage revealing top I have to bite my tongue to keep from really enthusiastically saying, “nice tits!” Being a woman I could probably get away with it.


Unbelievable post! Read it if you haven’t already. And, being a woman, she will not get a tenth of the hate email I got for a humor post on the same subject.


Oh, so true.
My girlfriend told her sister-in-law if you wanted somebody that was caring, sensitive to your needs, understood your moods and desires, treated you with respect and total selflessness, “you should have married a WOMAN.”
My girlfriend is one damn smart woman, and she smart enough to not marry me. 🙂


Eh, the rant was ok, but I really could do without it sounding like an Oliver F’ing Stone script…Continual repetitive swearing indicates to me a lack of imagination.


Agreed. She made some great points, but I could’ve done with quite a bit less cussing. I’m not a fan of vulgarity in general, but you know… it happens with some folks, so I just deal with it when it happens, but still… that was over the top.

Despite that, great points on her part.

Oh, and bittermac, I was in parts horrified and then falling out of my chair laughing at your “Hands off the “Lady bits”” post… you can take a guess as to when the transition happened. 😉


I like a woman that can swear properly.
It takes a great deal of imagination do swear well.
Any idiot can drop an Fbomb or string them together. but it takes creativity to string other swear words and weave them into a cohearant insult.


For years I had, and frequently wore, and button that read “If you don’t want me to stare at them, don’t print on them.”

I’ll have to see if I can find it.