My gunsmith is writing a zombie novel

I haven’t read it yet, but my gunsmith has been writing a zombie novel.  That’s awesome. :)

8 Responses to My gunsmith is writing a zombie novel

  1. robertpinkerton says:

    It occurs to me that, if zombies were real and there developed serious concern about them, cremation would become much more popular.

  2. antitango says:

    Is that CrusaderSmithy from the UCC forums?

  3. gundoctor says:

    I really appreciate the mention Larry. Thanks much.

    Antitango, yes that is me from UCC.

  4. ron says:

    have read the books they rock you get a lot of mention in the first two books can,t wait for number 3

  5. And I do believe it’ll be in the Uprising Universe. And if you’re curious, you can check out Uprising: USA and (written by me) Uprising: Italia. And yes, this was a shameless plug.

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