The Monster Hunters omnibus hardcover coming this month

The Monster Hunters hardcover edition of my first 3 novels is coming out at the end of May.

You can get autographed copies from Uncle Hugos.

If your original paperbacks are beat to death, or you want the perfect big loaner copy, or you just want a pretty one for your shelf, this is the edition for you. It is Monster Hunter International, Monster Hunter Vendetta, and Monster Hunter Alpha all in one volume. That is 500,000 words of monster face shooting explodey goodness.  That is the size of a Brandon Sanderson novel. That’s 1,200 pages of Owen and the gang killing stuff, like with a bonus novel of Earl killing stuff!

Less Ambitious Novels

I saw the hashtag #lessambitiousnovels pop up on Twitter yesterday from my friend Eric James Stone, posting items like The Spy who liked me as a Friend or Chitty Bang and couldn’t help but jump in. That led an hour of me and my family coming up with goofy less ambitious novel titles while making dinner.

These are the ones we came up with:

Red Badge of Participation

Journey to the Center of my Living Room

For Whom the Phone Rings

Apocolypse When I Get Around To It

Lady Chatterly’s Optometrist

Guy I know in Normal Land

Minimum Bob

I am not a Serial Jay Walker

The Forever Police Action

Middle Aged Yeller

Squirrel Hunter International

John Carter of Fresno

Harry Potter and the Order of the Kleenex

A Tale of Two Suburbs

Loitering at 1600

Gatsby is pretty cool I guess


The Secret Garden Center

Horton Hears a Hobo

Throne of the Crescent Wrench

A Smart Car Named Desire

And my absolute favorites that I had to retweet from other people were:

Battlefield: Glendale

Interview with the Janitor

Slap-fight Club

Some Guy in an Aluminum Foil Mask

But what I didn’t realize was at the same time that hundreds of these were going up on Twitter in the space of an hour, every one I tweeted also created a new post on Facebook, where people went even more nuts. I had several hundred of these on my Facebook page this morning.


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