I’m judging a mini painting contest. You guys should totally enter.

I’m one of the judges for an upcoming miniature painting contest. I myself am a talentless hack, but I am capable of looking at the pretty colors! The other judges actually know how to paint. :)  The mini painters on here should totally enter.


I guess this one has “celebrity” judges, as in a bunch of writers and cartoonists like me, Dan Wells, Howard Tayler, Jordan Sanderson, and Rob Wells. Yes. I am a minor celebrity in some very small very nerdy circles, but mostly for being GI Joe’s accountant.

The contest is over on the Reaper Mini site. I love Reaper stuff.  I use their paints and brushes and have a bunch of their minis. Here is one of theirs that I’m working on now.

Freaking ridiculous, child labor laws coming to family farms


Banning kids from working on their family’s farms? Like most government ideas, that’s just plain stupid.

Farmer’s kids working on the family farm is completely normal. Kids have worked on their family’s farm since cavemen invented agriculture. Leave it to the government to screw even that up. Farm labor is helpful for the family and really good for the kids in order to build a work ethic.

People ask me how I can have a full time professional job, and still manage to write two 150,000 word novels a year… It is because I grew up on a dairy farm and everything is easy in comparison to that.  Youth today think college is hard? Nobody who has ever milked cows as a kid thinks that college is hard. College is what you do because you don’t want to ever milk cows again. Oooh, your entry level corporate position is difficult? Beats moving hay. Shut up and file. Oh noes! I may have to work late! Is it 1:00 AM, in the rain, and you are pulling a slimey breached calf out of the back end of a Holstein? No?  Woohoo! Order pizza ’cause I’m working late at my air conditioned office!

I’m not alone. Ask anybody that grew up working on a family farm. We might have complained about it then, especially when you are a teenager and you want to go have fun, but you can’t, because the stupid cows jumped the stupid fence again… But ask us as adults and most of us will say the same thing. I wouldn’t trade it.

My biggest challenge as a father is trying to figure out how to instill a good work ethic into my children without using Holsteins.

This is just another example of the ever growing government meddling uselessly in even more areas of your life. Of course, idiots who have never been on a farm will think this is awesome, because somebody needs to PROTECT THE CHILDREN! (just not from getting fingered at the airport by the TSA). This is similar to idiots who are in favor of every other bothersome useless government program that is supposed to protect somebody from something. Won’t somebody THINK OF THE CHILDREN! (just don’t think about the debt we are saddling them with).  CHILDREN ARE OUR FUTURE! (or at least other country’s children are our future, because all of ours going to public school are getting screwed over by unionized big education).

Look, morons that have never set foot on a farm, if you think this is a good idea, then you are an idiot. Take whatever hypothetical crisis you are worried about and shove it. I’m sure some bureucrat somewhere can cite some horrible case to justify this, but child abuse is already illegal, and the rest of this crap is just another power grab. (kind of like how we needed Obamacare because of the epidemic of doctor’s fraudulently cutting patient’s feet off for no reason and how we need gun control to control all the guns the Justice Department ships to Mexico) Government just keeps getting bigger and bigger and more and more intrusive.  Angsty liberal types love this sort of meddling until it comes back to bite them in the ass. Remember the freak out from the hipsters over SOPA? Yeah, welcome to the party. You guys cheer for government taking stuff over until it is something you’re into, then you scream facism.

This is asinine. Leave farm kids alone.


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