Book signing tomorrow, Saturday, Sugerhouse B&N

Mike Kupari and I will be signing at the Sugerhouse B&N tomorrow, starting at 11:00.  We’ll have Dead Six and copies of all of my other books for sale.

This is Mike’s first book signing ever, since D6 came out while he was in Afghanistan, so come out and support Mike if you can. I’m hoping we have a really good showing.

3 Responses to Book signing tomorrow, Saturday, Sugerhouse B&N

  1. Lear says:

    Just a thought, you might include the city and state. Unless you only intend to do signing in the great state of Utah.

    Though it is tempting to drive the 8 hours to meet you both. Sadly I will be in a server closet swearing all day.

  2. kmguezt says:

    It was great to meet you and Mike today. I’m excited to read D6 – then Legion in the fall! Thanks so much.

  3. Steve says:

    $%(#*$# !!!!

    I was out at Miller Motorsports track all day today. Just barely got back in around 11:00 pm Saturday night.

    Please let me know when Mike’s next signing is.

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