Preorders for Signed MHL and The Monster Hunters omnibus

Uncle Hugo’s has their preorders up for the autographed special editions of Monster Hunter Legion and the The Monster Hunters jumbo omnibus hardcover.

And if you want to get an idea of how much I love you guys, I autographed all of these pages. They were then bound into the special edition books. However, this is all that there are going to be world wide, so if you want some, snag them fast.

Book Signing this Saturday 

I’m posting about this again. Since this is Mike’s first ever book signing I really want a lot of people to come. A good signing is a good motivator, and he’s working on Swords of Exodus now.

My first book signing, I think I sold 12 books. Which is actually really good for a first signing… However, I think most of those were to people from my neighborhood.


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