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  1. Nice. Jake Sullivan, a man and his minigun.

    The Lewis Gun looks pretty awesome; for some reason the anachronism of the gatling is just killing it for me.

  2. Well, good enough for Governor Ventura, good enough for me.


  3. At least it isn’t a Chauchat.

  4. Give Sulivan a Maxim and that cover would be perfect.

  5. Does no one notice that the gun is a G E Minigun? Makes no sense, were all pictures of a BAR unavailable?

  6. Bah … this is diesel-punk.

    That gatling should be powered by a smoke belching chainsaw engine. One powered by the chocking-cloud-magic of burning kerosene!

  7. All I can say is mini guns rock in all languages!

  8. Now THAT is a cool cover.

  9. That guy needs to do ALL your covers, dude.

  10. I really like that artist and I plan to order some prints from him.

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