Know anybody that knows Impresa? The computer program? Need help ASAP

Are you, or anyone you know an expert on Impresa? Which to my understanding is a maintenence, repair, and overhaul software package. Want to get paid for some consulting? If so, contact me ASAP.

10 Responses to Know anybody that knows Impresa? The computer program? Need help ASAP

  1. Try contacting Rick Boatwright.

  2. I’ve programmed in over 20 different computer languages. I’ve never even heard of Impresa. :)

  3. LepusKhan says:

    the #1 Google result for “Impresa + program”? This post :)

  4. Janir says:

    Do you mean a softeare package developed by “Impressa”?

  5. LM says:

    Impresa ?
    There was an Impresa MRO software package by Epicor.

    But the only link i could find is this:{BB6284B8-ADE4-48D5-95A5-D887FE5D2259}

    It seems the link above if from their old website, the new one is:

  6. Brer Tiger says:

    Is it a coffee maker ( ?

  7. Hawk says:

    From what I gather it was founded in 1995 and went out of business in 2001 – not a lot of time to build up a consultant base.

    It seems it was more an e-commerce bolt-on for Great Plains accounting software rather than repair software – perhaps casting a wider net to include Great Plains (now sold as Microsoft Dynamics GP) integrators might turn up someone with a working memory of the software?

    An even longer shot: the fine folks that make Jura coffee makers market software called Impressa that programs and monitors your expresso machine.

  8. Kristopher says:

    David: It’s a business/manufacturing management package by Epicor.

    Specialized stuff. And no, I have never used it.

  9. Doug says:

    Impresa is a MRO ERP/MRP package that supports manufacturing and maintenance of capital assets. It has over 35 distinct modules that included finance, supply chain, sales order, EDI, shop floor, etc. Impresa was taken private from Epicor around 2001 by a group of venture capitalist and formed into a company called Avexus. Avexus closed in November 2006 and its assets, software, and installed based was purchased by infosys. Having worked with Impress for over 9 years you can contact me here.

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