Know anybody that knows Impresa? The computer program? Need help ASAP

Are you, or anyone you know an expert on Impresa? Which to my understanding is a maintenence, repair, and overhaul software package. Want to get paid for some consulting? If so, contact me ASAP.

G.I. JOE #12 Comic Book coming out in April

You totally have to buy this comic… It will be epic. It will be awesome. All because it introduces the best new G.I. Joe character of all time: The Joe’s own combat accountant, codenamed SPREADSHEET.*

Don’t make him go all Excel on your ass…


G.I. JOE: VOL. 2 #12

Written by Chuck Dixon, art by Will Rosado, covers by Will Rosado, Steve Ellis.


Cobra Command aftermath! It’s a new day for the JOEs — as they crawl from the ruins of Cobra Command, they find a new status quo… and a change in command! Who will lead the Joes into this new, deadlier, downsized future? Scarlett leads an op into one of the wildest wildernesses on the planet to uncover a Cobra facility that threatens the very balance of the universe as we enter… Deep Terror!


32 pages, $3.99.
* Any resemblance between Spreadsheet and the author of this blog post is purely coincidental… However, if 12 year old Larry Correia could travel forward in time to discover that he’s a G.I. Joe, that would totally blow his mind.


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