Occupy Womb Street came to an end on Edgar Allen Poe’s birtday (I share a birtday with HP Lovecraft, so I’m sensing a trend here). Introducing Correia 2.4.  10 Pounds and 9 ounces, 21 inches long, and Mrs. Correia did that all without an epidural because she is a Viking badass warrior woman.

There is a new moose on Yard Moose Mountain.

He’s a surprisingly good natured little guy, and probably the strongest baby I’ve ever seen. And that is coming from somebody who already had three ten pounders. He lifts his head, looks around, can grab stuff and hold on like a 3 month old, and even did a push up to get to a more comfy position. This is the sort of madness that happens when we have babies go to their due dates. All of our other gigantic children were early.

Mrs. Correia is fine. We’re all slightly brain damaged from lack of sleep. There is a 7 year gap between this one and Correia 2.3.


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