Monster Hunter Vendetta was one of the highest rated audiobooks of 2011 

It is all because of the awesome narration by Oliver Wyman. If there were an academy awards type show for audiobooks, Mr. Trashbags would be the hands down winner for best supporting actor-type-thing.

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  1. Awesome news, Larry – congratulations!

  2. Gosh, if only you were a serious writer… *g*

    • I know! Maybe one of these days I’ll make a bunch of bestseller lists, get nominated for some prestigious award, or sell a TV show! Crap… Wait… Nevermind. Now how are they going to bash on me? :)

      • Mate, don’t worry. People with small minds will always find something to resent and attack you about. They just suffer from Tall Poppy Syndrome. Keep up the good work.

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