Dead Six just got reviewed on Big Hollywood 

One of the only places where my constant offending of half the country with my right wing political rants is considered a plus!  Friggin’ sweet! :D

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  1. a great review by one who obviously gets it, but I have to ask about this one bit about Mike- “He’s also a nice guy, and he’s missed the release of his first book to serve his country doing one of the riskiest jobs in the military in one of the worst hellholes of the Middle East. Watch your back, Kupari, and send in the robot first.” You mean Mike ISN’T a robot?? Hmmm….

  2. I’m listening to Swords of Exodus, and the dialogue between Skunky and Valentine seem a bit prophetic… Exodus took down Gaddafi, and Valentine mentioned what a mess that was…

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