Speaking of Cover Art… Final Spellbound

I had the rough draft placeholder up, but here is the final, which looks a lot cooler. I especially like Faye on this one. 

Spellbound is available now in eBook from www.baen.com (that’s where you go for your Kindles & Nooks too), Uncle Hugos is already shipping autographed copies, and it will be on sale everywhere else the beginning of November.

And it is freaking epic. :)


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  1. Already pre-ordered the hardcover from Amazon … can’t wait!

  2. Ditto here. And Larry, everything you write is already freaking epic. You need to stretch yourself some man… ;)

  3. Bought the eBook from Baen, read through it in 2 days. Damn ending showed up too fast, I wanted to keep reading. When is Warbound due?

  4. Got my hard cover from Uncle Hugo’s last week. It was awesome.

  5. Yeah, um, I already have it and read it. Great addition. too bad Amazon doesn’t let me add reviews for some reason. I can’t even get a response when I ask why.

    • Spellbound isn’t officially out yet, so you can’t officially post a review :) I suggest you write it up in advance and post in on its official release date.

  6. Epic awesomeness noted! Let the drooling commence!

  7. I finished it in three days, fan-freaking-tastic. Even better than the first book.

  8. Loved the E-book, and I’ll be buying the dead tree version when I get the chance! Faye is…a bit more well endowed on that cover that I pictured her.

  9. I LIKE!..and finished Dead Six….There better be a sequel Dammit!

  10. As I hold my copy in my hand, looking at it… you are right.
    GREAT cover art.


  11. Finished Spellbound this morning. Larry, I laughed when I saw the King Kong reference. Thanks for that image.

  12. All I have to say is, BRING BACK FAYE! Seriously, she’s my favorite character, even over Jake Sullivan.

  13. Just put it in the new release s/f bay at the b&n I work at yesterday, bought it too. Anyone know if there will be a audio edition through Audible?

  14. Dual-wielding Thompsons = AWESOME!! :D

  15. Waiting on the real-paper version… impatiently.

  16. Whew. That was epic. I just finished writing my review for Spellbound. I loved it. Thank you for my awesome death! Gotta love a good redshirting.

    • That was a pretty brutal fight scene. Actually one of my favorites that I’ve ever done. It just worked out that way with the red shirting. I get the list of charity names, and then I stick them on characters where the name seems to fit. Nick Sharps sounded like a good name for a guy that was a former prize fighter. Next thing I know, it turned into one heck of a fight scene.

      • It was a real honor being killed off in my favorite series. My friends think its the craziest cool thing ever. And all for a good cause!

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