Who wants an autographed copy of Spellbound EARLY?  Uncle Hugo’s just received their boxes of Spellbound with the autographed tip in sheets. So you can snag one a month early, while supplies last. :)

In other news, I found out on FB this morning that Jim Butcher loved Monster Hunter International. That made my day. I think Butcher is a great writer, so to have the guy on top of urban fantasy like my urban fantasy is awesome. Kind of like how I felt a couple of weeks ago when Tracy Hickman, master of epic fantasy, loved Hard Magic. Now I just need to get Stephen Hunter to comment on Dead Six and I’ll have all my genres covered…

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  1. Ok so I can expect a Larry and Jim novel soon right.

  2. the Northwestern Diamondback of THR says:

    Larry, I preordered both D6 and Spellbound and requested autographed copies early September, still waiting to see what happens. I hope the hardcover got the tip-in too… otherwise, I’m gonna have to wait ’til either you do another book signing in the Seattle area or I can get down your way.

    Don’t know if these helped your “Day One” stats, but I tried…:)

  3. Nick Sharps says:

    So if I order this now will it ship immediately?

  4. Jeff Jones says:

    I’d probably love an early copy of Grimnoir book 2 but the problem is once I finish that there won’t be any new Larry Correia books to look forward to for quite a while. You’ve just really spoiled us this year Larry, the wait for more is going to be tough.

  5. crazytuco says:

    After Spellbound, what’s the next one for us to look forward to and when should we be looking for it?

  6. First step gain friendship of Butcher. second step write a book in which Dresden and Pitt go kill an evil god

  7. I would think any crossover would be remiss without a catfight between Julie Shackleford and Karrin Murphy and some witty repartee betwixt (haha, sorry, betwixt…what was I thinking?) Owen and Harry.

  8. Well, it they put the combat-wombat in it, t’will be the grossest.

  9. well the combat wombat is a viable option since i think it’s pretty clear Dresden and MHI don’t exist in the same universe

  10. Nick Sharps says:

    Shoot we could make it a Tom Stranger mega crossover. Tom as the main hero, but featuring Owen, Jake Sullivan, Lorenzo & Valentine…hell yes.

  11. frtiz says:

    I just read alpha…and I was kinda disapointed…I’m sorry, but the flashbacks and pulling a reader back and not what I was expecting.

  12. dave bush says:

    just finished dead six. awesome read. i now have read all 3 MHI books hard magic and dead six what else do you have out there? between you Butcher and SM Stirling you all are my trifecta of fantasy/scifi

  13. Got my copies of Spellbound and Dead Six on Friday. I no more that took the books out of the packaging and my 13 year old swoops in and snatches Spellbound. I saw a brief glimpse of him as he disappeared into his room. There were some unsubstantiated sightings during the weekend and food was mysteriously disappearing. I just hope he puts the book down long enough to go to school today.

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