The eBook for Dead Six is available now  You can download it in whatever format you want at this link for only $6.  No DRM. And it can go on your Kindle or you Nook.

Here is the part where I ask for help

As I’ve posted and explaned before, book sales during release week are super important: 

And Dead Six is out at the end of the month. Many of you have read the eARC, and if you did, and you liked it, please tell your friends about it, Facebook, Twitter, your blog, sky writing, performance art, interactive kubuki theater, however you communicate with your “peeps”, but word of mouth is the best thing ever for a writer.

Now my writing career is doing pretty good, so you might be saying to yourself, “That Correia doesn’t need my help. He is one of those fat cats that needs to feel the suffering of the common man! And he is stealing all the white women!” Okay, as we all know that part is true, but if you don’t want to do it for me, do it for this guy:


Yeah, this is way cooler than most novelist's "introspective writer guy" pose.


This is Mike’s first book, and it is a darn good one that deserves to be read. For those of you who don’t know, Mike is an EOD Technician, currently defusing roadside bombs in Afghanistan. He will still be in Afghanistan, risking his life and being awesome, when his first novel appears in stores. Places like NPR can talk about thriller writer street cred, but Mike plays high-explosive chess against terrorist IEDs before breakfast.  Most first time authors are super excited to do their first book signings, but Mike can’t because he’s deployed… Think about that for a second… He can’t do book signings for the really nifty book he wrote because he is too busy DEFUSING MURDER BOMBS.

For most authors, the most exciting part of our day is when we spill Coke Zero on our keyboard. EOD are complete lunatics that do something so absurdly dangerous that complete snake eating warriors look at them and say F’ that noise, let the dude in the big suit play with the booby trapped death machine.

Mike is humble. You probably won’t ever hear him talk about that kind of thing. Luckily for him, I’m not humble at all. :) 

Sometimes when somebody with that many points on his Man Card writes a thriller, the book tends to be mediocre (with a few notable exceptions) and the book was sold on the resume of the tough guy writing it rather than how good the actual fiction was.  However, Dead Six is excellent, and I’m not just saying that because I wrote half of it. Believe me, I’ve got plenty of paying projects that I could be working on at this point, but instead I liked this story so much that I twisted Mike’s arm into making this book, and I’m so eager to continue the story arc that my half of the sequel is already done.

There are a limited number of autographed (by both of us) copies here (and they’ve got autographed Spellbound to preorder too): 


eBook and free sample chapters:

Heroics in Logan

Yeah… BYU and Utah have better football teams, but do they lift flaming cars off of trapped motorcyclists? No? Thought so. You’ve got to be in Logan for that sort of thing. Them’s my peeps.

Go Aggies!

Okay, seriously. That is bad ass. Everybody just jumped in to help. That restores some faith in humanity.

Updates: D6 countdown and my goatee is missing

For the first time in over a decade, I shaved.

I look like I'm about to approve your home loan

And now you can see why I always have a goatee.  This travesty happened because I was talking to my kids and it came up that none of them had ever seen me without facial hair. They had no idea what I looked like.

Now they know… And they would like Normal Dad back. My wife won’t kiss me, because ten minutes after I shave I have Homer Simpson face, and that’s with a ridiculous razor that has like 6 blades on it. Luckily, I’m Portuguese, so I’ll grow my beard back within a week.

In other news, Dead Six is out in only 2 weeks. Celebrate Kill A Terrorist day with a book that kills a whole mess of terrorists. If you want a copy autographed by both me and Mike (which is a bit of a challenge, since he is in Afghanistan) Uncle Hugos has a limited number with bookplates signed by both of us from before he deployed:  (you can also pick up one of the hardcovers where they actually had me autograph a page and then BOUND it into the book!)

If you don’t care about autographs, it is on Amazon, B&N, and you can get the eBook from   

And while I’m thinking about it, here is a little short story about my D6 character’s background that I wrote a couple of years ago. It is pretty darn awesome and it involves a whole bunch of people getting shot with an Ithica, a revolution, and a BTR on technical chase, which is always nice. 

After writing for 10 hours on Saturday (and only getting a 5,700 words) I took Sunday off and didn’t write anything other than the last blog post. I hung out with my kids, scared them with my chin, then I painted miniatures. Painting minis is what I do when I need to just uncheck my brain. I’m getting better at them too. I just need to figure out how to take decent pictures of the little things and I’ll post some up.

Of course, I’m eagerly awaiting the new GI Joe movie, because that means new action figures for me to chop up for more custom MHI figures! Only I’ve learned to paint way better since my last attempt.

This Saturday I am going to be teaching a seminar on how to write action scenes to the League of Utah Writers in Logan. My friend, Super Author John Brown, will be there, so it should be fun.

So lots of writing to do this week and I need to take my son shooting (it is his turn for one on one instruction), so should be pretty busy.

I am now on Twitter. @monsterhunter45 because somebody else had already taken @LarryCorreia. And you know that Larry Correia probably doesn’t have an awesome goatee either.


What can I say that hasn’t already been said?

Of course we remember those that died. It was tragic. It was a national slap in the face. Ordinary people died and ordinary people became heroes.

How about let’s remember the thousands dead and tens of thousands of injured Soldiers, Marines, Sailors, and Airmen since then, too. They seem to be easy to forget, unless you are trying to score political points for whatever your stupid argument is, then you mention them daily until your man wins, then you forget about them again. Funny. I used to remember the daily body count on the news up until a few years ago, when it became inconvenient to the narrative. Meanwhile, my friends are still there.

There are men fighting right now that were in grade school when the towers came down. Grade school.  They were eight or nine. Now whenever I go to a  public place I see amputees in their early twenties. Never forget… Yeah… Thanks for reminding me.

I’m annoyed at people who are too scared to talk about terrorism seriously because they are afraid of being labeled racist or politically incorrect telling the rest of us to Never Forget. I’m angry that video that is too “inflammatory” to show on TV the rest of the year is now okay, because it is a designated anniversary, and in a couple of days it will go back in the vault.

Meanwhile, my best friend is defusing roadside bombs in a third world hellhole right now, and being forced to put his life and his teammates lives at greater risk because of the idiocy of COIN doctrine. We send good men to almost certain death because we’re worried about offending the locals.

Then we have some of our men do stupid things and commit crimes. Yes. It happens. Prosecute them. But I’m supposed to believe that some corporal that went off the plan, lost his shit, and murdered somebody is morally equivalent to blowing up thousands of innocents? No. It isn’t. The last person that told me water boarding was exactly the same as terrorism almost got punched in the face, and they didn’t even know it.

Israel has the statistical equivalent to a 9-11 happen several times a year in their tiny country, but some of the same Americans saying Never Forget today, don’t hesitate to tell the Israelis that they need to make concessions and peace with the men that have attacked them over and over and over. Hypocrites.

And while so many Americans are putting their lives on the line, here we are ten years later and most of our response to 9-11 has been stupid kabuki theater. Anyone that knows anything about security laughs at what we’ve done. We’re feeling up little old ladies. That’ll show them. The Homeland Security director is more worried about returning vets as potential threats that Islamist terrorists and NASA no longer has a manned space flight program, but is proud of its mission to boost self esteem in the middle east. A $500 handgun in the cockpit of each jet on 9-11 could’ve prevented the whole mess, but the government spent the next decade making it as bureaucratically difficult as possible for pilots to be able to carry guns. Why do that when you can form gigantic new pointless federal agencies?  

I used to work with a lot of counter terrorism professionals. There have been so many awful, terrible, sometimes ridiculous plots stopped before they came to fruition that most people have no flipping clue what is out there. I’ve only ever seen a handful of these make the news, and those are just the ones I know about. They are still out to get us.

The whole thing pisses me off in a lot of different ways.

You want to pay your respects? Go do something nice for one of our warriors.

A new short story of mine: Son of Fire, Son of Thunder

Paul Genesse is a great writer, editor, and friend of mine (also a member of Writer Nerd Game Night) so when he approached me about putting a short story into an anthology about demons that he was editing, I said that I would love to, but there was no way I could find the time right then. So Volume I of the Crimson Pact had an excerpt from Hard Magic in it.

This year, when Volume II rolled around, I was totally in. My buddy Steve Diamond (also of Writer Nerd Game Night) had an original story about an FBI Agent that literaally can’t die named “Lazarus” Tombs in the first edition. When we got to talking about it, I thought that he’d made a great character, and I wanted to play off what he had done. Only I wrote a guy that not only can die, but knows the exact moment of his death and how it will happen down to the second. He feels he is on a mission from God to fight demosn at the apocolpyse. So then I made him a Marine. :)

We ended up writing a short together. (sort of Dead Six style, where I wrote one PoV and he wrote the other).  If you know me on Facebook, this is the story where I had to bring in a bunch of Marines to proof to make sure I hadn’t screwed anything up too badly.

The story takes place during a demonic attack on Quantico. I think it came out great, and Steve and I are planning on doing another for Volume III.

You can get my story in the eBook, and a whole mess of others (like 500 pages worth!) for only $4.99 here 

And here is a YouTube commercial that they put together for it that is pretty sweet.

I’m taking your jobs and your women – HATE MAIL TIME!

This was forwarded to me today:

—–Original Message—–
Sent: Sunday, September 04, 2011 1:38 AM
To: Info mailbox; “<info”
Subject: racist publishing habits of your imprint.

Larry Correra. Blatant racist! I’m a serial follower for many years but not this racist jerk! anyone on any of these panels hes on corner him on why he hates white men —- But still finds their women hot??


Uhhh… Yeah… Wow… You got me there. I certainly do find white women hot, which is probably why I’ve been married to a Viking girl for thirteen years.

As a politically opinionated novelist and blogger, I get a lot of hate mail, of which I only share the best with you guys. This one in particular really brightened my day.

I suppose this is what I get for being a Wise Latino. (a term stolen from Sonya Sotomeyor, since that was around the same time that I was filling out some EEOC worksheets at my Military Industrial Complex job and discovered that Portuguese was legally considered Latino by the Department of Labor). 

I remember sneaking across the border (out of California and into Utah) and crossing the desert (I-15, though I stopped in Vegas for lunch) and how hard it was to find work. (I sat in front of Home Depot and waited for somebody to pull up in a pickup and shout “I need two guys that can do tile and a novelist!”)  I’ve been taking all of your good jobs and stealing your white women ever since.

Edward James Olmos is going to play me in the movie.

Clarkerry, you’re a friggin’ idiot. The most racist thing I’ve ever written has been about Elves. My last book was about a heroic white guy from Alabama. If I hated white men then A. I probably shouldn’t choose to live in rural Utah. and B. probably shouldn’t be one.

And please do be careful not to catch your hood on fire at the next cross burning, dumbass.

And on that note, for the rest of you that actually like me, don’t forget that you can now preorder autographed copies of my next two books here:  One is coauthored with the extremely white Mike Kupari (if he were any more caucasian he would be translucent) and the other one stars some dude with an Irish last name and an Okie girl.

And seriously, do preorder, because these are the only copies that are autographed by both me and Mike, since he will still be in Afghanistan (probably oppressing someone) during release week, and the more we can sell on preorder, the greater chance we can get onto a bestseller list, and then the greater chance that they’ll make that movie about me. (Mike will be played by somebody really white, like Matthew Broderick).

EDIT: I forgot to add, I’m now stealing your white women on Twitter. @monsterhunter45

EDIT 2:  Turns out he has sent more than one to my publisher:

Sent: Tuesday, September 06, 2011 9:32 PM
To: Info mailbox; “<info”
Subject: larry correia -monster hunter international
I am shocked that you published  this deeply, disturbingly racist author.  

Despite his undeniable talent at telling a rousing tail, his gift is perverted by his hateful stereotyping.

I am a loyal Bean fan, but you should hang your head for giving this bigot a forum.

* Well, I am really sad that he didn’t give any specifics, nor did he talk about my stealing of all the white women again. Personally, I would think that if you were so offended by something an author had done that you would send multiple messages to their publisher, you would at least maybe cite whatever it was that they ‘d done that was supposedly so awful. Because 4,000 of you have read this blog post in the last two days, and none of you seemed to have any idea what I had done wrong either.

Mad props for the improvement in spelling and grammar on this one though.

DragonCon was AWESOME

I don't even know what the hell that is, but it was huge

I got back from DragonCon Sunday night.

DragonCon is like Mardi Gras for nerds… So it is Nerdi Gras, only bigger and more awesome. There isn’t anything else quite like DragonCon. Cram 45,000 official guests into 4 hotels in downtown Atlanta. That’s official purchased a ticket types.  I don’t know how many thousand others just showed up and crashed the party.  I’m guessing a lot.

See those? Totally filled with my people.

Then figure a quarter of those are in costume, some of which are damn impressive.  I’m talking, holy crap that is cool type of impressive.



He is coming to harvest her adam!







Like many parades,somebody next to me said "It is sad.There are fewer of them every year."



There were a ton of these boxy guys


You can't take the sky from me!





one of these things...


is not like the other



beats me, but looked nifty when walking




You can say, “what kind of costumes?” All of them. Seriously, think of something that was in a movie, game, TV show, comic book, novel, or cartoon, and there was somebody dressed as that. And then sometimes a combination of two or more of those things.

And after dark, it was that, only in a g-string or pasties. You wouldn’t think that someone could pull off Colonial Space Marine in a g-string, but yes, it can be done. (uniform standards have changed a bit since my time in the Colonial Space Marines, I’ll tell you what)

I took 200 pictures over three days. Most of which didn’t turn out that good because I was using my camera phone. All of those photos were taken during my brief lulls of downtime while running from event to panel to event, so there were tons of others that I didn’t have a chance.  And sorry guys, I didn’t take pictures of any of the slutty costumes, because I planned on showing all of these to my kids when I got back…  And believe me, DragonCon costumes after dark are not like DragonCon costumes during the day. The day is PG-13. Night is in accordance with the minimum public decency law standards of the city of Atlanta… Mostly.  

I did several panels, a couple signings, a reading, some parties, some dinners, some lunches, a brunch, general schmoozing, and assorted stuff. It was a very busy weekend. I was on 10:00 PM panels two nights in a row, and a few spread out throughout the day. I was on one panel with Laurel K. Hamilton and Sherilyn Kenyon with about 500 people in the audience. Obviously, most of them weren’t there for me. I got to meet a ton of other authors for the first time, some of whom I was already a fan of, like Jonathan Mayberry. (I think my readers would like his Joe Ledger books). 

We did a Monster Hunter Nation flash mob on Saturday. Me and the Baen staff were handing out bright green MHI hats at all of my events and inside was a set of instructions on where to meet. (no, we didn’t sing or dance, I don’t think my fan base are the dancing types). We congregated in the lobby of the Marriott, and I used my range officer voice to get everyone’s attention over the hum of 10,000 people. I’ve still got it. (and apparently, my range officer voice saying MONSTER HUNTER NATION ASSEMBLE got all of the security guard’s attention too). Then we all put our hats on, took pictures, and handed out ads for MHI.  Considering that I was competing for attention against sexy ninjas with laser whips, I’d say we got a pretty darn good turnout.


Thanks to Speaker to Lab Animals for his donation of a hotel room to serve as the Baen Barfly area. I got to hang out with John Ringo and talk about our upcoming collaboration. I’m really excited for this one, especially after John brought up some of the new supporting character ideas. We are going to get our kung-fu on and punch some giant ants to death, because my life is awesome.  

DragonCon is now my favorite Con.

ROGUE by Michael Z. Williamson out today 

Hey everybody. I should have posted this last night, but my brain was still recovering from DragonCon.  Atlanta is very moist.  So returning to zero humidity at 6,000 feet above sea level makes you a little bit loopy. However the Yard Moose seemed very happy to have me back.

My friend and fellow Baen author, Mike Williamson, has just released his latest novel. Most of you have heard of Freehold, and this is set in the same universe. Thing big sci-fi universe, big ideas, lots of politics, and then take it down to the nitty gritty dirty, punch the other space ninja in the face level. Full disclosure, I’ve not read this one yet, but I enjoy Mike’s work, and he has improved with everything he’s written.

Here is the synopsis:

Kenneth Chinran commanded the elite unit assigned to take out an entire planet in a terrible war.  Millions died; billions more perished in the aftermath.  One doesn’t send a sociopath on such a mission.  A sociopath might not stop.  Chinran did stop – but in the process nearly lost his sanity and his soul. 

But one of Chinran’s men was a sociopath going in.  Now he’s a trained sociopath with the knowledge and firepower to take out entire tactical teams, evaporate through security cordons and change identity at will. Who do you send after a killer like that?  There’s only one answer:  the man who trained him.  The man who made him.

Like I’ve explained before on book bombs, the key to getting on bestseller lists is all about velocity. The biggest number of sales in the shortest amount of time. So if this is something that you would be interested in picking  up anyway, this is totally the week to buy it.  If you think putting me on the NYT ticks the literati-elite off, imagine putting the dude that wrote Freehold (the Libertarian Space Manifesto) on there!

Quick update, back from DragonCon

I’m back from DragonCon. Report to come later. It was AWESOME.

I’ve got 297 emails to read in my inbox. I will get back to you.

I’m out of patches. I thought I had more than I did, but should have another box arrive soon. So if you ordered in the 2nd half of August, they will be late.

No. There are no more DragonCon MHI hats. We handed out all 500 of them. I kept one for myself.


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