My Geeky Hobbies Part III  This is what I do on Sunday afternoons. 

I’ve only been painting minis for a few months now, but I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’m not embarrassed to post them on the internet. Though they aren’t shown in order in the linked photo album, it is pretty obvious which ones I did earlier on.

My painting skills have gotten much better since I’ve started, which means that I’m looking forward to trying my hand at another run of custom MHI action figures. I’m really excited that there is going to be a new GI Joe movie. Not because I want to see it. (didn’t even watch the first one) but rather because that means there will be more new toys to chop up for me to make more Monster Hunters!

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  1. Haven’t painted miniatures since middle school, but have tons of respect for the talent and skill involved.

    Coolness – keep posting photos, please!

  2. You and Howard Tayler.

  3. They don’t make GI Joe movies any more, it’s “C”GI Joe now. But at least there’s no guilt in chopping up the toys then.

  4. You Nerd you! Bet you played Axis and Allies to all hours too! and “Hey” gimme back my damn Dungeon Master books! heheh

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