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How to get autographed Dead Six (by both of us!) and Spellbound 

Knowing that Mike would be in Afghanistan during the release of Dead Six made having copies autographed by both of us really hard. But we thought ahead. Using the awesome Kurt Miller D6 logo artwork as the background, we both signed a few hundred Dead Six bookplates. So if you want a copy of D6 autographed by both of us, this is really about the only way that is going to happen before Mike comes home. (unless you are planning on taking a trip to beautiful southern Afghanistan sometime soon).  :)

Also, I did 300 tip in sheets for hard covers of Spellbound through Uncle Hugos. A tip in sheet is when I actually signed a page, before it was bound into the book! So when you open to the title page, my signature was there before the printing. (which I still think is totally awesome). So, even though Spellbound won’t ship until October, if you want to preorder one of the limited signed tip-in hard covers, this is it.

And tell your friends! I really want to get a non-MH book onto a bestseller list. Preorders are a great way to accomplish that.

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4 years 19 hours ago

PLEASE let these hold out until the first when I can make the order.

(that’s aimed at the elder gods, not Larry directly)

4 years 19 hours ago

Copies ordered! I’m always such a hold-out for the signed copies. Although, I’ll probably order a copy of Dead Six from Amazon, too, so I can get it quick.

4 years 18 hours ago

Hey, how do we send cra… er… a buncha kewl stuff to Mikey?

4 years 17 hours ago

that’s a good question. I might have a little something floating around in my winter afghanistan projects box…..

4 years 18 hours ago

Pre and Ordered! Can’t wait to get my hands on Spellbound!

4 years 16 hours ago

I already have the eArcs of both books but they are both so good I need the dead tree version as well so I just placed my pre-order at Uncle Hugo’s, after all I might as well get some ink with my dead tree’s

4 years 15 hours ago

Ordered signed copies of both. Had to put it in the special comments section, I think? Ordering from there is a little odd. I’m always a little anxious about how that all works out.

Nick Sharps
4 years 10 hours ago

Ah shoot, I really wanted a personalization for Spellbound. Oh well! Can’t wait for either book!

Joe B
4 years 8 hours ago

So if one were to be taking a trip to beautiful southern Afghanistan, how would one go about getting a personalized autographed copy? Definitely ordering one for me and one for my brother from Hugo’s though – thanks for the link!

4 years 6 hours ago

Just ordered my copies. Like always, one for collecting all things Larry Correia, one copy for reading and sharing. Can’t wait till I have a shelf dedicated to all the books :)

4 years 5 hours ago

Too bad Larry can’t figure out a way to offer these perks on orders done through Baen! I’d love to get the autographs, etc… but I can’t afford to buy a copy through Uncle Hugo, and then buy the e-book format from Baen, too.