The Campbells Award

Today, my coworkers gave me my own personal Campbells Award, in honor of this Saturday’s real Campbell Award.

anybody want soup?

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  1. Chicken noodle, cream of tomato, or cream of mushroom?

  2. You must work with a great crew.

  3. That’s when you know you’re loved, dude.

  4. Brilliant, you work with awesome people.

  5. That works :-) and it IS the thought that counts!!! :-)

  6. Well, as long as you’re winning Campbell Awards, Mister Smart Aleck, clean up your darned language! Street and Smith is a family publisher and I’m wearing my blue pencil to a nub cleaning up after you…

  7. Does that count as chicken soup for the soul?

  8. “Souper Job!”


  9. You mean this Campbell Award?

    That was awarded at the banquet in Lawrence July 7-10 2011…I am confused. I know your can of soup was a fun joke from your friends, but I looked at the finalists list for 2011 and Dan Wells isn’t listed either. Is there some other Campbell Award?

  10. There are two different, unrelated Campbell awards.

  11. Ha ha ha, I had not seen this until today, Larry! That signed can is AWESOME. You were a stellar dude to hang with at WorldCon! And a great room mate too. Could not have asked for better.

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