Trailer for the story I wrote for Crimson Pact 2  Coming in August.  An anthology of demon stories. I wrote Son of Fire, Son of Thunder, in conjuction with Steve Diamond. This is the one where I needed to get technical advice from all you Marines. :)

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  1. Soooo, will we need to read the first volume in order to follow this story, or is it stand-alone?

    • Everything you need to know to enjoy “Son of Fire, Son of Thunder” in contained in this anthology (Volume 2). It was a blast to write this one with Larry.

      I have another story in the anthology that will give some good background to the character I wrote in “Son of Fire, Son of Thunder”. That other story is “Still Life”. But again, everything you need to know to enjoy these stories is in Volume 2.

  2. Does Cthulhu know about this?

  3. Just finished Monster Hunter Alpha.. Okay, but it needed a little more violence. *g*

    Can’t wait ’til you know who meets you know who in future books, though…

  4. Looking forward to it!

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