Utah book signings!

I’ve got two book signings scheduled for the release of Monster Hunter Alpha.

Saturday July 30th, from 12:30-2:30 I will be at the Jordan Landing B&N.  Then later that day, from 4-8, I will be at the Layton B&N.  Drop by and say hi!

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  1. Is your Jordan Landing one a solo signing? Or is it one of those mass signing deals where they stick you by the Harlequin Romance novels section?

  2. Larry, when are you coming to Oklahoma?

  3. Nice! Gonna be my first time visiting the spot since my Mish! I’m so gonna be there.

  4. It’s Utah. Wouldn’t that technically be book name-printings? :D

  5. Hey come on down to Omaha and we will do steaks for you.

  6. See you there Larry. ;-)

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